RAF Cosford trip

We had a fantastic day at the RAF museum. Year six had the opportunity to see lots of planes, try on clothes from World War Two, handle artefacts from World War Two, get in an air raid shelter

and learn about the Cold War.

It was a brilliant day filled with fun!

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14 Responses to RAF Cosford trip

  1. Mya says:

    That looks really fun!!!😀😀😀


  2. rhblogs says:

    I loved the way the children were wearing their helmets at an angle. Well done everyone!


  3. rhblogs says:

    Miss I love being in your class especially when we went on this amazing trip!


  4. aaron says:

    I loved this trip it was really fun!!!


  5. isaac says:

    Miss, I really like being in your class because of all the funny moments,especially when we where at RAF Cosford when you made us laugh when sneakily taking photos of us which was REALLY FUNNY!!!!


  6. Mahnoor says:

    I like what clothes they were wearing especially the hats!


  7. Amaan says:

    I loved the planes at the trip.


  8. Elijah says:

    Awsome! wish I was there at trip to.#Best teacher ever!


  9. isaac says:

    The RAF Cosford trip was extremely fun with all the bloopers.


  10. Sarai says:

    That trip was awesome because of seeing all of the model planes.


  11. Rishi says:

    I liked the trip because the planes were massive and fun!#RAF Cosford


  12. GEORGE says:

    I loved beng in your class when we went to RAF Cosford.[^_^]


  13. neiko says:

    This was fun because of the planes and i like being in your class.


  14. Sumayyah says:

    The RAF Cosford trip was really fun because it was one of the best trips i have ever attended!


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